Screening Systems

John Moore has recently began manufacturing screening systems for numerous different customers, within several industries, namely recycled materials manufacturers, demolition and site remediation contractors and some quarrying and aggregate production enterprises. As with all of our screen/mesh replacement products, through the use of our newly commissionned plasma cutting machine, screening systems can be supplied in a variety of different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, steel grades and hardnesses.

Komptech Crambo 16-hole, Screener Plate (JM-167 6 0021- 0)

Komptech Crambo 32-hole, Screener Plate (JM-167 6 0046- 0)

Komptech Crambo 48-hole, Screener Plate (JM-167 6 0049- 0)

Komptech Crambo 312-hole, Screener Plate

Komptech Crambo 56-hole (hexagonal), Screener Plate

Terex Finlay Flat Screener Plate (Hexagonal-hole)

Round-hole, Flat Screener Plate; Quarrying 

Trommel 28mm sq. hole, Curved Screener Plate

Buffalo 25mm sq. hole, Curved Screener Plate