Concaves & Mantles

John Moore now stocks, sells and distributes a wide variety of different concaves and mantles (and not just for the OEM's shown below). We supply many different cone crusher castings combinations depending on what our customers are working to achieve and produce.


Castings combinations required to produce the following material consistencies are commonly available; coarse, medium-coarse, extra-coarse and 'auto-sand'. 


Concaves and mantles of varying manganese contents are also available; 13/14%, 18% and 22%. We can also create and produce 'heavy-duty' bespoke castings designs, according to individual customer need/request. Please call our Sales Team to find out more.

To suit:

Powerscreen Maxtrak 1000 Cone Crusher Unit

Terex Pegson 1000 Cone Crusher Unit

Terex Finlay C-1540 Cone Crusher Unit

603-9106E - Common Mantle (18% MN)

603-9052E - Medium-Coarse Material Production (18% MN)

To suit:

Metso LT300HP Cone Crusher Unit

N55208280 - Coarse Material Production

N55208281 - Medium Material Production