Wear Parts

In the year 1975, the company was formed and began business life serving, predominantly the construction and demolition, quarrying and mining industries. However, in recently years the company has been allowed to branch out into further new markets, such as the recycling and agricultural industries.


Here at John Moore, we are always on the lookout for potential opportunites to invest and trade within new markets and new industry sectors, with a committed view to providing these marketplaces with cheaper, non-genuine wear parts, and therefore offering a reduction to our customers' business outgoings and overheads.


As well as historic drawings and other forms of CAD, the company now utilises laser scanning technology, in order to create electronic 3D copies of new parts and other potential projects. Not only does this contribute to an excellent form of communication with our supply chain, it also allows us to correctly and accurately procure non-genuine copies of the wear parts that our customers rely on, on a daily basis. And in a nutshell, the use of this technology means that no matter what part it is, if it is largely unavailable to buy in the marketplace, we can take a copy, export it to a supplier at minimal cost and get the items made, through new steel castings etc.


We have commonly become the preferred supplier, for many firms, for the following non-genuine wear parts: