Grapple Tynes

John Moore now makes and manufactures grapple and bale tynes, for use in the demolition, recycling and agricultural industries. As with the concrete pulverizer jaws we provide, most grapple and bale tyne's usually require some specific details to be incorporated into the product, in order to suit the particular needs of the customer for an individual project, at that time. Over the years we have made tynes to sort different size tubes/bosses, tynes for different size attachments, and tynes for different kinds of work and material handling. We are always looking to expand our portfolio, and for the opportunity to provide different solutions to different customer problems, so please give our Sales Team a call to discuss your requirements.

Grapple Tyne, with Teeth

Grapple Tyne, with Tube Holders

Grapple Tyne, with Milled Point