Flame Cutting

Our flame-cutting technology is what we use to manufacture many of our wear-plate products. This facility also allows us to accurately create numerous bespoke items, with pinpoint precision, such as the 80mm thick heavy duty edge section bolt-on system, shown below.


Owning and operating this form of machining technology is critical to our business, as this is still the only real form of steel cutting technology capable of implementing the level of power required to cut steel plate, in thicknesses in excess of 50mm (up to 100mm).

Flame-cut Bevelling


One of the other important features of our flame-cutting technology is the ability to implement beveled edge section options to many of our cutting edge and wear plate products.


While standard procedure is to import cutting edges with rolled bevelled sections, every now and again it is necessary to cut off a bevelled section from a rectangular wear bar or section of thicker plate (when the material thickness exceeds 50mm etc); our flame cutter also provides this facility to us as well.