Drilled Bespoke / Specified Edges

As well as the usual provision of excavator or loader edges, John Moore is also a renowned supplier of many other, different machine edges. On this page you can view a selection of the different kinds of edges we have manufactured in the past, for different customers operating a variety of different kinds of plant.


Our machine centres allow us machine and drill holes to any type, size and position, hence a vast majority of our product are bespoke and made to specific customer requirements. This is a service we are only too happy to provide; depending on the time of order confirmation, one call or email to our Sales team can mean your edge(s) will be ready for collection or dispatch that same day, if not the following working day.

Loader Edges

Dozer Edges

Grader Edges

Clamshell Edges

Grab Edges

Pulverizer Edges

Adjustable Edges