Double Bevel Edges

On this page, you can view a selection of the different kinds of double bevel, wear blades, available from John Moore.

Reversible wear blade, with counter-sunk holes

Reversible wear blade, with plow-bolt holes

The vast majority of our double bevel cutting edges are machined to suit plow-bolts, which is due to the unique feature that plow-bolts do not turn, and remain stationary, while the nuts are being tightened, leading to an easier and quick installation process.

Reversible wear blades, in separate segments

In addition to the heat-treatment and drilled hole features exhibited by our base edges, it is often a common request that our double bevel wear blades are cut to shorter lengths, or in 3 or 4 pieces, in order to aid the installation and maintenance process undertaken by our customers, when fitting new cutting edges.