Stock Edge Sets

At John Moore, we understand that external conditions on site can sometimes get pretty harsh and severe. For this reason, on certain sites, it is not uncommon for an edge to wear out in as little as 4 to 6 weeks. Deadlines can creep up and without much warning plant operators can find that their machine requires a new edge, as soon as possible, or delays will occur.


Whilst our edge manufacturing process yields a quick turnaround, it has also proved very useful to us in recently years, to stock ready-made edge sets for some of the more popular machines, namely;


Volvo L120

Volvo L150


CAT 950/960/962

CAT 966/970/972

CAT 980

CAT 988


This facility gives us the opportunity to delivery an edge to a customer in as little as one or two days, as the parts can be taken from the shelf and sent straight onto a courier, without any further delay.